String & Twine

by Tancred

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Sara Arumetsa
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Sara Arumetsa Something about her work hits me very hard. Absolutely love this collection. Favorite track: Bones.
ashe williams
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ashe williams i feel like i'm standing barefoot in the woods and it's becoming night and the realization that i lost my phone is slowly dawning on me with edgy reluctance Favorite track: Coat.
Michael Rodino
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Michael Rodino I sincerely wonder some days if Now, Now was not just a supergroup of three world famous musicians put together before each artist became world famous due to some sort of Time Lord intervention. Jess Abbott is a wizard on guitar, and her imagery is unassuming at first until it takes complete hold of your brain for days.
Jameson Mohr
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Jameson Mohr Anything Jess Abbott is a part of is incredible. Favorite track: Bear.
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released November 29, 2011

All music written, recorded, produced and engineered by Jess Abbott*.

Mixed by Bradley Hale. Mastered by Format Audio Recordings.

*Stomps, claps, and tambourine on 'Bear' written and performed by Cacie Dalager. Keyboards in 'Bones' written and performed by Cacie Dalager.

Album released via Cardinal White Records.


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Track Name: Bones
Picking it up from the inside out and turning it all around,
And I am too involved now.
Bones, bones, bones. Bones I've never broken.
Hoping if I do, you can mend them.
Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles. Puzzles that we make.
Hoping you will help me form the pictures in my dreams.
Like teaching someone how to define
The difference between string and twine.
Track Name: Bear
I've been watching words flow from your mouth,
One by one by one,
Like ants in a colony.
I've been collecting them,
One by one by one, for you and me,
To watch them grow in spring.
You are a great big bear;
No matter how tall I stand I just can't scare you away.
The more that I talk, the more scared you seem,
So shut your mouth and give it all to me.
You fall asleep when I wake, and I can't help but drift away
When it's late at night and you can't close your eyes.
Track Name: Coat
It's a Venn diagram, it's meeting in the middle
Of sleeping alone and sleeping alone.
In the middle I found you alive
But there's empty beds on either side.
You don't listen to what I wrote
So I'm trying to be happy buried in my coat.
You have friends on every screen.
My old room doesn't even exist anymore.
Everywhere I've ever lived doesn't exist anymore.
Track Name: Streams
Where the church bells toll,
Our mothers are at home.
Where are the streams I remember?
Somewhere fucked up in the Sierras.
Where can I get clean?

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